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Save 15% in annual energy bills*

We optimize performance and efficiency in air conditioning (HVAC-R) systems by providing a one time treatment.

Why Creative Energy Solutions?

What We Offer

Our Cold-Plus solution is a One Time Revolutionary A/C and Refrigeration Treatment which is effective for the life of the system.

This not a temporary solution or additive but a treatment that can take 1-3 weeks to fully integrate for you to start seeing results. 

Once we treat your system, you will notice that:

  • Your A/C will run cooler and quieter
  • There will be less wear on your system, requiring less maintenance
  • The life of your unit will be extended
  • There will be 10-18% less energy consumption
  • The treatment will generally pay for itself within 1 year

We are so confident of our treatment that we offer every customer a worry free warranty on your compressor, inclusive of parts and labor.

For Residential Use

Our studies have shown a 20% decrease in compressor running time which practically guarantees a Return on Investment (ROI) within 1 year.

To ensure you are completely satisfied, we offer a 14 year compressor warranty, inclusive of parts and labor!

For Commercial Use

Our Cold-Plus treatment is Lab Tested and Field Approved.

Cold-Plus optimizes compressor operation, reduces run-times, and reduces energy costs. 

Cold-Plus has been tested by ETL Laboratories, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and businesses worldwide.

The non-toxic Cold-Plus formula conserves energy, reduces carbon emissions, and extends equipment life. 

This represents a valuable and sustainable solution for our customers with an average ROI of approximately one (1) year.

We are so confident with our treatment that commercial applications automatically receive a 1 year compressor warranty with parts and labor.

We offer worry free warranty on your compressor with parts and labor


City of Los Angeles

Location: California

Improved Efficiency: 16%

Anheuser Busch

Location: Florida

Improved Efficiency: 17%

Refrigeration Warehouse

Location: Dubai

Improved Efficiency: 21.9%


Location: Colorado

Improved Flow Rate: 14%

Atlanta Aquarium

Location: Georgia

Improved Efficiency: 8.6%

Proctor and Gamble

Location: Canada

Improved Efficiency: 10.84%

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