Cold plus treatment reduces costs, optimizes compressor, and provides preventive maintenance.

Since the development of Cold-Plus ™ there have been over 14,000 treatments of air conditioning and refrigeration units world wide – commercial, residential and mobile [refrigeration trucks]. 

To document the efficacy of Cold-Plus ™, prior to the treatment, information is collected for ten days by the use of electronic data loggers to establish a base line for energy consumption.  Once the base line is established, the air conditioning or refrigeration unit is then treated with Cold-Plus ™ and the data loggers are reset to gather the post treatment information.  

Ten days following the treatment the information is downloaded from the data loggers and compared to the pre-treatment base line.  The comparison of the pre-treatment energy consumption base line to the post treatment data yields the increase in energy efficiency noted in the case studies below.  Since the testing is both time consuming and expensive, not every treatment is tested or recorded.

Commercial Use Benefits

Removes Oil Fouling

First, surfactants and detergents remove oil fouling. Then nano-polymers help prevent any future oil fouling with just one treatment.

Speeds Thermodynamics

Less oil fouling improves heat and cold transfer. Nano-polymers reduce surface tension and improve refrigerant flow.

Improves Pool Boiling

Additional inert suspended polymers act as nuclei to enhance pool boiling. As a result, the liquid turning to gas phase happens 20% faster and significantly speeds thermodynamics.

Reduces Friction

By reducing friction with PTFE, the entire system runs smoother with less energy. This chemically inert substance looks like wet ice on wet ice.

Bottom Line - Cold Plus Treatment Reduces Costs

Air Conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems are substantial energy consumers requiring attention to complex equipment. Managers are challenged with improving energy efficiency, minimizing repairs, and increasing reliability. Cold-Plus outperforms other solutions in three key areas to reduce costs; compressor optimization, refrigerant management and preventive maintenance.

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