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Why don't Equipment Manufactures use and recommend Cold-Plus ™ ?

Cold-Plus has contacted and conducted energy testing with most major AC equipment manufactures like TRANE, CARRIER and LENNOX along with a few other refrigeration manufacturing companies  and have successfully reduced both Peak and running amp draws on their new and used equipment.  

Most major AC manufacturers give very short and legally vague guarantees and warranties. They make YOU prove that the equipment failure was a manufacturing flaw and do not cover the total replacement cost of the unit. Cold-Plus gives "best-in-business" warranty. 

The  Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act  Act of 1975 clearly makes it an illegal business practice for any installer, distributor or manufacturer to void any equipment warranty due to the addition of any aftermarket products that enhance the performance or make more efficient the operation of equipment. Specifically by voiding a warranty due the use of Cold-Plus  is a violation of the "Tie-in" clause and is illegal.

It is not in the best interest of A/C equipment manufactures to make long lasting and high performance cooling equipment.  That is what Cold-Plus does. They prefer to sell you new equipment every few years. 

Upwards of 90% of all AC equipment is functionally "out of warranty". Cold-Plus extends your existing warranties as well as creates new warranties on older equipment.

Cold-Plus is chemically inert, non-acidic, non-alkaline and non-flammable. Impossible to damage compressor lines, seals and gaskets.

Haven't you thought it strange that your A/C equipment manufacture has never suggested any changes to improve their equipment over the last 20 years ,rather than to buy a new unit? 

With over 14,000 Cold-Plus installations over the last nine years, not one dissatisfied customer or malfunctioning compressor.

Commercial Testimonies

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Chiller Test Results - Miami Seaquarium - Cold-Plus (pdf)


Commercial Use Benefits

Removes Oil Fouling


Just like the buildup of cholesterol in the human body, Cold-Plus encapsulates and disperses oil-fouling contaminants back into solution.

Increases Laminar Flow


Nanotechnology particles reduce surface friction and lowers your refrigerants Reynolds Numbers to improve refrigerant flow.

Improves Phase Change


Increasing laminar flow increase the surface area of the refrigerant during the heat cycle (phase change)  by 20% and significantly reduces both the heat cycle duration and frequency. This results in lower kWh draw.

Reduces Friction


By reducing friction with PTFE (compared to ice on ice coefficient), the entire system runs smoother with less energy.  This inert SRA improves seal and gasket function by allowing your compressor to run at lower temperatures and pressures.

Bottom Line: Cold-Plus Reduces Cooling Costs

Air Conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems are typically the single largest energy user in every building energy profile. Managers are challenged with reducing costs, minimizing repairs, and increasing reliability. Cold-Plus outperforms all other solutions because it is the only Syntheic Refrigerant Additive that contains PTFE .

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