Questions you may have:

What is Cold-Plus - an oil additive or a PROA?

Cold-Plus is not a temporary solution or additive. Cold-Plus is a treatment. It is a 100% active ingredient molecular compound formulation that works in synergy with your refrigerant and compressor oil to remove oil fouling and restore the optimal heat transfer of your system without the use of adulterating waxes, toxic chlorine or acid derivatives.

What are the primary benefits of Cold-Plus?

Cold-Plus offers energy savings in refrigeration and air conditioning for virtually all types of equipment. In addition, it also accomplishes the following:

• Extends equipment life.
• Removes oil fouling, providing improved efficiency.
• Protects seals and bearings.
• Increases the lubricity of all internal parts.
• Lowers maintenance cost.
• Provides greater sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint.

If Cold-Plus works so well, why aren’t the manufacturers of HVAC equipment using it?

It just doesn’t make sense for the manufacturer to recommend a product they have no financial stake in. This is especially true when the product extends the life of HVAC equipment. The manufacturer of equipment is in business to sell a product that will need replacement at a given time. When Cold-Plus extends the life, it pushes the replacement “sale” out into the future.

What is the cost of Cold-Plus installation?

The cost of Cold-Plus varies depending on the application. In some cases, Cold-Plus is used to save money on energy cost and to provide increased comfort. In commercial applications the ROI is typically less than one year, plus the added benefit of equipment life extension. No. The Magnuson-Moss Act 15USC ss230 enabled regulation of written consumer product warranties.

 Click to download the US Federal Trade Commission’s Magnuson-Moss Act as a PDF

What is a typical Return on Investment (ROI)?

Cold-Plus typically provides a ROI one year or less compared to other green technologies that have extended periods for a ROI. This also means that there will be a substantial multiple on the initial investment over the life of the system.

Will use of Cold-Plus have a negative effect on my HVAC warranty?

Most of the HVAC equipment in use is out of the warranty period provided by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect, there are several ways to solve the warranty issue. Solid Start has effectively eliminated the risk factor by combining a corporate guarantee with product liability insurance with an AM Best A++ rated insurance company, the highest rating given. The customer is named as an “Additional Insured” on the insurance certificate.  The manufacturer’s short-term interim protection has been replaced with long term protection for the life of the system against damages to the compressor directly attributable to Cold-Plus. Please ask your Cold-Plus representative for details.

a. Most manufacturers will issue a letter to customers stating that “use of Cold-Plus will not void the warranty unless it can be determined that use of the product is the cause of compressor or system damage”.  If they choose not to issue the letter, you are completely protected in any event by the Magnuson-Moss Act, which regulates written consumer product warranties. Click here to see a comparison of the various manufacturer’s warranties versus Cold-Plus. Click here to download the US Federal Trade Commission’s Magnuson-Moss Act.

b. The manufacturer of Cold-Plus, Solid Start, has issued a one-year money back warranty. Further, Solid Start guarantees to pay for the repair of any equipment, including parts & labor, if it is shown that Cold-Plus caused any damages or losses.

c. Solid Start and your Cold-Plus distributor maintain product liability coverage that offers further protection. This combined coverage is typically more than adequate to meet any need.

d. There have been over 20,000 applications of Cold-Plus and there has not been a single warranty claim since the treatment was introduced years ago. 

In summary, presumed risk factors have been removed, allowing clients to enjoy the full benefits of Cold-Plus with no financial exposure.

How does Cold-Plus approach oil fouling as compared to others?

Some technologies use toxic and corrosive cleaning agents. Over time, oil fouling returns and the system becomes less efficient. The patent-pending Cold-Plus formula not only cleans, but also permanently fuses to all interior metal parts of the system, thereby providing life-of-system service.

What happens to the oil that is removed from the metal surfaces?

Once removed, the oil-fouling layer permanently returns to the oil in circulation through emulsification.

How long does an application of Cold-Plus treatment last?

Cold Plus is effective for the “system life.” Following oil fouling’s removal, submicron polymer particles of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) fuse into the metal surface of all interior metal parts of the system. The new finish is inert and remains pristine and free of oil fouling for the life of the system. Also, inert suspended polymers act as nuclei to enhance pool boiling for the life of the system.

Has Cold-Plus been tested in the professional HVAC arena?

Yes, Cold-Plus has been tested by one of the preeminent HVAC laboratories in existence, Edison Testing Lab/Intertek; and, also by the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). 

In the Edison Testing Lab/Intertek, two separate tests were performed: 

1. Cold-Plus underwent a compatibility test, which tested and proved Cold-Plus does “no harm” to any of the parts of the HVAC system, whether compressor parts, copper tubes or in the air handler side; and, 

2. A brand-new A/C unit was tested with Cold-Plus, in a temperature and humidity-controlled cell using a modified ANSI/AHRI STANDARD 210/240-2008 test protocol. The results: a 4.5% increase in efficiency, even though there was no ‘oil-fouling’ in the new unit. * 

3. The NREL test [also done in a tightly controlled test lab cell] was done on a six-year-old ten-ton commercial A/C unit. The test documented a 14% increase in the laminar flow of the refrigerant, resulting in a 14% increased efficiency of the unit.

*Cold-Plus can take 1-3 weeks to fully integrate into the system.

What makes Cold-Plus different from other products that make similar claims?

All other market-place competitors are Stage 1 products that reverse oil fouling in the system in the short term. Cold-Plus comprises advanced patent pending formulations which, after the initial introduction takes place, permanently embeds in the pores of the metal and fuses; bonding to the friction-bearing parts of the compressor and inner walls of the thermal transfer tubing carrying the refrigerant and compressor oil. 

The fused molecules are now in an inert state in which nothing can chemically react or adhere to the new surface. Oil fouling at this point is no longer possible. As the oil molecules attempt to re-establish their adhesion, they are smoothly channeled back into the system. The Cold-Plus formulation is the only product which permanently prevents the re-introduction of the oil-fouling which impedes HVAC system operation and makes the compressor work harder, causing higher kilowatt usage and a higher electric bill. 

The Cold-Plus Stage 2 difference also includes other inert polymers acting as nuclei to enhance pool boiling and increase thermodynamics – both heat and cold transfer.

Why is my local air conditioning company unfamiliar with Cold-Plus?

Although there have been many attempts over the years to engineer energy effective additives, only recently has the true “Two-Stage” formulation treatment of Cold-Plus been developed, successfully tested and made available to the commercial HVAC engineering trade. 

What about the use of Cold-Plus in Refrigerated Transport (Reefers)?

Cold-Plus in refrigerated transport extends the life of the system and reduces the use of diesel fuel by the refrigeration unit. Typical savings are in the range of 11% – 15%, with a ROI of under nine months.

Is financing available for a Cold-Plus treatment?

Yes, in certain commercial applications, such as municipalities, school districts, state and federal government buildings and qualifying businesses, a financing option known as a Power Efficiency Agreement may be implemented. To learn more, click here.

Are any environmental hazards associated with Cold-Plus?

Cold-Plus is a non-toxic, chemically inert and non-hazardous material that does not contain solvents, sulfur, or chlorine (sulfur and chlorine may cause acid which can damage the refrigeration or cooling equipment). Cold-Plus is completely safe to use in any HVAC system, and with any refrigerant except ammonia. Cold-Plus is not recommended for ammonia-based systems. 

Does Cold-Plus have storage requirements and/or shipping requirements?

Cold-Plus may be stored up to three years at a temperature between 60 – 78 degrees. Unlike refrigerants,  Cold-Plus is non-toxic and chemically inert, hence there are no special requirements for disposal.

Cold-Plus may be shipped by air freight, UPS ground or FedEx.  There are no special handling requirements beyond those normally used for oil products.

How is an air conditioner or refrigerated unit treated with Cold-Plus?

After confirming that the unit is in good working condition, the licensed and insured HVAC contractor will install Cold-Plus through the low-pressure service port while the equipment is running. The equipment needs to run for an additional 45 minutes to make certain Cold-Plus has been circulated throughput the system. y something interesting about your business here.