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Will use of Cold-Plus® have a negative effect on my HVAC warranty?

Most of the HVAC equipment in use today is out of the warranty period provided by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect, there are several ways to address the warranty issue. Solid Start, Inc., the manufacturer of Cold-Plus®, has effectively eliminated the risk factor by combining a corporate guarantee with product liability insurance through an AM Best A++ rated insurance company, the highest rating given. The customer is named as “Additional Insured” on the insurance certificate. We have replaced the manufacturer’s short term interim protection with long term protection for the life of the compressor against damages directly attributable Cold-Plus®. Please ask your Cold-Plus® representative for details and/or review the Warranty section found on this website.

What is the cost of a Cold-Plus® installation?

The cost of Cold-Plus® varies depending on the application. In commercial applications Cold-Plus® is used to save money on energy cost, extend the life of the unit and reduce maintenance expenses. In commercial applications a ROI of approximately one year is expected, not counting the financial benefits of an extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costs.  The cost of residential applications is generally in the neighborhood of $400, if there is a single air conditioning unit.  Depending on the geographic location, number of persons in the household, and activities within the home, the ROI is usually 12- 18 months from energy savings alone.  Again, this does not include the savings from extended equipment life and reduced maintenance. The treatment of a personal vehicle usually costs what a fuel fill-up would cost, including the service.

What makes Cold-Plus® different from other products that make similar claims?

All other market place competitors are Stage 1 products that reverse oil fouling in the system in the short term only. Cold-Plus® comprises advanced patent pending formulations which, after the initial introduction takes place, permanently embed and fuse in the pores of the metal, bonding to the friction-bearing parts of the compressor and inner walls of the thermal transfer tubing carrying the refrigerant and compressor oil. The fused molecules are now in an inert state in which nothing can chemically react or adhere to the new surface. Oil fouling at this point is no longer possible. As the oil molecules attempt to re-establish their adhesion, they are smoothly channeled back into the system. The Cold-Plus® formulation is the only product which permanently prevents the re-introduction of the oil fouling that impedes HVAC system operation and makes compressors work harder, resulting in higher kilowatt usage. The Cold-Plus® Stage 2 difference also includes other inert polymers acting as nuclei to enhance pool boiling and thus increase the thermodynamics [both heat and cold transfer].  This means the process of heat and cold transfer occurs quicker, resulting in less compressor run time, and therefore, lower electric bills.

How does Cold-Plus® approach oil fouling as compared to other products on the market?

Some technologies use toxic and corrosive cleaning agents. Over time, oil fouling returns and the system again becomes less efficient. The patent pending Cold-Plus® formula changes this by providing a permanent solution, fusing PTFE into all metal surfaces, thereby coating all interior metal parts of the system with “the slickest solid substance known to man”.  For a more complete explanation please watch the videos located on this website.

How long does an application of Cold-Plus® treatment last?

Cold Plus is effective for the “system life”. Following oil fouling’s removal, submicron polymer particles of PTFE fuse into the metal surface of all interior metal parts of the system. The new finish is inert and remains pristine and free of oil fouling for the life of the system. Also, inert suspended polymers act as nuclei to enhance pool boiling for the life of the system.  For a more complete explanation please watch the videos located on this website.

If Cold-Plus® works so well, why aren’t the manufacturers of HVAC equipment using it?

It just doesn’t make sense for the manufacturer to recommend a product in which they have no financial stake. This is especially true when the product extends the life of HVAC equipment by 20% - 25%. The manufacturers of equipment are in business to sell a product that will need replacement at a given time. When Cold-Plus® extends the life of an air conditioning or refrigeration unit, the replacement “sale” is pushed out into the future.

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