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History of Cold-Plus®

Early Days


Cold-Plus™ is a proprietary inert nanoparticle-lubricant for use in the compressors in all HVAC and refrigeration systems. This PTFE nanotechnology was originally developed by DuPont to increase laminar flow and reduce blood clotting in veins and arteries during invasive surgical procedures. Due to the similarities between a biological heart and a mechanical compressor, the proprietary component, PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) , was then added to an industrial lubricant so that it could create similar results in mechanical systems. 

The resulting compound is Cold-Plus™, which has been proven to reduce the energy consumption of HVAC/refrigeration systems and extend the lifespan of the unit. Cold-Plus™ is the only SRA (Synthetic Refrigerant Additive) with PTFE and is chemically inert and meets OSHA standards for handling safety. Its effect on increasing laminar flow, has been successfully tested at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden Colorado, where it was verified that a 14% increase in laminar flow was achieved when using Cold-Plus™. These tests were conducted using a 20-ton Carrier cooling unit from Walmart. 

The effectiveness of Cold-Plus™ in increasing HVAC performance and increasing the system’s lifespan have also been statistically verified by Dr. Elizabeth Clarkson, the Chief Statistician and Senior Research Engineer of the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP) in Wichita, Kansas. Cold-Plus™ has been proven to reduce the electrical consumption of compressors by up to 30% in some older units. Cold-Plus™ has also been successfully implemented and proven in over 14,000 homes, businesses, automobiles, industrial construction equipment, and the professional racing industry over the last 10 years.strial products. 


 Technology Premise: Basic premise is that the primary determinant of efficient heat transfer is the laminar flow of the refrigerant. As you know, oil-fouling in all cooling equipment deteriorates the heat transfer coefficients. Peer reviewed and published papers by Dr. Pete Jenkins, PhD. M.S. B.S. I.E.M and M.B.A confirm claims for patents and along with both Laboratory and Field tests at the University of Colorado have proven this to be a unique solution to the Oil-Fouling dilema with all manufactured HVAC compressors.

Increasing the heat transfer coefficient leads to higher heat flux as more heat is transferred from the surface to the boiling fluid. A one-time Cold-Plus treatment enhances and prolongs this phenomenon without any degradation. The original concept focused on reduced friction in the compressor, and thus reduced energy use, and the removal of oil fouling plus slippery PTFE treatment to prevent the return of oil fouling. The infusion of a micro/nanopolymer particle technonology that remain suspended in the system, has proven to greatly enhance thermodynamics – both heat and cold transfer. It became evident that there was much more involved than just decreasing friction. 

Early testing gave results on older equipment much greater than anticipated. Further investigation pointed the way toward heat transfer increases and thus significantly increased efficiency and reduced energy usage. 

One of the most important of these became the understanding of “oil-fouling” that occurs when lubricating oil begins to break down and deposit oil particles on metal surfaces within the system. This accumulation reduces the heat transfer ability of the system, and efficiency becomes more detrimental as the unit ages.

Many years of testing revealed a series of improvements that, when combined, today allows a significant increase in the efficiency and a reduction of required energy of the unit. 

Thus we offer you the many benefits of Cold-Plus® A/C & Refrigeration Treatment. 

 Today:  Creative Energy Solutions, LLC, exclusive national distributor of COLD-PLUS made by Solid Start of Lakeland ,Florida. Since 1976 , a second-generation manufacturer of performance additives and treatments for all types of engines. second-generation manufacturer of performance additives and treatments for all types of engines, fuel systems, gear/transmissions, and hydraulic systems. Since 1976, products have been used in the automotive, phosphate, citrus, railroad, steel, coal, and entertainment industries. Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to partner with and be the supplier of choice for companies such as Disney, Busch Gardens, Firestone, Goodyear, Jiffy Lube, Tires Plus, Tire Kingdom, Southeast Toyota U.S.A., Toyota of Japan, and Mazda of Japan.