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Our Philosophy

One year payback and ten years of it!

Our founder has set the goal that all environmental solutions should be a sound financial decision. Hence we are a team of scientists, engineers and businessmen that know that the solution to wasteful decisions and uninformed purchasing behaviors is just some  good information and nano-technology .

We believe that we have found a nano-particle technology that can change the world both financially and environmentally. We have taken a medical miracle that has saved millions of lives and applied to the largest single energy problem that exists. Combating the temperature increases of Global Warming with  a cost effective and carbon-reducing technology. We believe that we can save millions of more lives and their children. 

This is not a job, but more of a mission and passion. Because it gives you the real option of being part of the solution rather than part of the problem!

 It is estimated by the U.S Department of Energy, that fifty percent, of all energy consumption world-wide is for cooling!  Energy consumption in just the U.S.  over the next twenty years,  is estimated to increase by 7.3%.  Globally the increase in energy consumption over the next twenty years is projected to increase by 40%.  WOW!

Ask yourself this question:  “If each air conditioner and refrigeration unit saved an average of 15% of its energy consumption because of Cold-Plus®, what would the impact be globally?”

To find out...all you have to do is spend the next 15 minutes researching the published information about Cold-Plus.

  Consider also, Cold-Plus® is:

  • Sustainable – Cold-Plus reduces the carbon footprint caused by untreated cooling units by 15%; 
  • Green – Cold-Plus uses no toxic chemicals and the resulting product is chemically inert, posing no environmental issues or creating any noxious waste and in addition no Hazardous Waste Disposal expenses like factory installed refrigerants; and,
  • Affordable – We sell Cold-Plus at a reasonable cost with a one-year payback period. Utility companies say that anything under a one-year payback is a "no-brainer for serious business people".

                                                                    “We intend to save the air conditioner at a time!

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