Our Philosophy

“What is the use of living if it be not to strive for nobler causes and make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?” Winston Churchill

When Mr. Churchill made these remarks the world was in chaos, in a fight for freedom, threatened first by Nazism, and later by Communism.  As Prime Minister of England Churchill was on a very public and visible stage, and his words were heard the world over.  Those words were then, as now, both an encouragement and stimulus – a call to reflect, and then act.

Here at Creative Solutions we are not in a fight for freedom as Churchill and much of the world was in the early 1940s.  We are in a different kind of fight – a battle against the uninformed, the uneducated, who prefer “business as usual” when great strides in the development of energy efficient products are before them, especially as relates to air conditioner efficiency.  Some businesses spurn these new air conditioner and cooling developments because in the short term they view them as negatively affecting their finances.  Others choose not to be informed because of the effort involved - it being so much easier just to maintain the status quo.  We cannot condone either scenario.  As a society we are called to stay abreast of the technology advances that enhance our planet and make it more sustainable.  We are to act accordingly.  It is our duty.

We believe we are striving for a nobler cause.  We believe by implementing Cold-Plus ® in air conditioners and refrigeration units across the globe we will be making this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone.  “How”, you ask, “will Cold-Plus® treatment of air conditioners and refrigeration units accomplish such lofty goals?”   It is estimated that half, fifty percent, of all energy consumption world-wide is for cooling!  Energy consumption over the next twenty years is estimated by the US Department of Energy to increase 7.3%.  Globally the increase in energy consumption over the next twenty years is projected to increase 40%.  Ask yourself this question:  “If each air conditioner and refrigeration unit saved an average of 15% of its energy consumption because of Cold-Plus®, what would the impact be globally?”

Energy savings is just one aspect of Cold-Plus®.  Consider also, Cold-Plus® is:

  • Sustainable – by reducing the carbon footprint caused by manufacturing cooling units, since the life of cooling units is extended 20% - 25%; 
  • Green – the nanotechnology uses no toxic chemicals and the resulting product is chemically inert, posing no environmental hazards or creating any noxious waste; and,
  • Affordable – At less than half the cost of other “green” products, the treatment is priced to encourage both commercial and residential users to enjoy the benefits, while knowing at the same time they are contributing to efforts to make this muddled world a better place in which to live.

Finally, we believe the following quote from the Conscious Capitalist Credo accurately reflects our philosophy of business.

“We believe that business is good because it creates value, it is ethical because it is based on voluntary exchange, it is noble because it can elevate our existence and it is heroic because it lifts people out of poverty and creates prosperity......”