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Comprehensive testing and analysis has revealed that Cold Plus treatment generates incredible value.

Residential Case Study Findings

Energy Cost Reduction


“Cold-Plus allows your unit to run quietly and without issue. You can expect between a 15% to 25% reduction in your monthly cooling electric bill each cooling season. 

Return On Investment


“The return on investment based on just an  8% operating amp reduction using Cold-Plus is less than 7 months.”

Minimize Operating Costs


“Reduced cycle duration as well as frequency means you get the same "cool" without the same cost.”

Extended Unit Life

Depending on the age of your equipment both your peak amp draw and operating amp draw should both be

"Cold-Plus is a one-time application product. We don't actually know how long it lasts because we already have happy customers from 15 years ago."

Maintenance Cost Reduction


“On average you will replace your home cooling system twice. So the less time your home unit runs is related to how long the unit lasts. This results in fewer service calls.”

Reduced Service Calls


“Cold-Plus is a compressor treatment that reduces the need for annual refrigerant "top-offs, winterizations or replacements."

Third Party Verification

Cold-Plus outperforms other solutions in three key areas to: reduce costs, compressor optimization, refrigerant management and preventive maintenance.

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