Comprehensive testing and analysis has revealed that Cold Plus treatment generates incredible value.

Case Study Findings

Energy Cost Reduction

“an estimated peak demand savings of 86 kW, a 15.1% reduction. This translates to an energy cost savings of $16,176.”

Return On Investment

“The return on investment based on the 8% reduction in consumption and the Cold-Plus injection cost is less than 7 months.”

Oil Fouling Removal

“The increased heat transfer and refrigerant flow restored much of the degraded cooling capacity of a 12 year old Trane 20-ton Voyager A/C unit.”

Extended Unit Life

“The study clearly shows the decreased KWH for each of these units. Because of the polymer this should continue for the life of the unit”

Maintenance Cost Reduction

“reduced load on the unit after treatment with Cold-Plus also results in longer operational lifespan and fewer service calls.”

Increased Lubricity

“the treatment is found to enhance wear lubricity to compressor operations.”

Third Party Testing Results

Cold-Plus outperforms other solutions in three key areas to: reduce costs, compressor optimization, refrigerant management and preventive maintenance.