Save 15% in annual energy costs + ROI in 1 year

Since the development of Cold-Plus ™ there have been over 14,000 treatments of air conditioning and refrigeration units world wide – commercial, residential and mobile [refrigeration trucks]. 

To document the efficacy of Cold-Plus ™, prior to the treatment, information is collected for ten days by the use of electronic data loggers to establish a base line for energy consumption.  Once the base line is established, the air conditioning or refrigeration unit is then treated with Cold-Plus ™ and the data loggers are reset to gather the post treatment information.  

Ten days following the treatment the information is downloaded from the data loggers and compared to the pre-treatment base line.  The comparison of the pre-treatment energy consumption base line to the post treatment data yields the increase in energy efficiency noted in the case studies below.  Since the testing is both time consuming and expensive, not every treatment is tested or recorded.

This is especially true with the evaluation of residential properties, where the emphasis for most home owners is on increased longevity and reduced maintenance of their air conditioning unit, as opposed to commercial properties where the expense of cooling is a much greater concern as it affects the financial bottom line of the business.

Residential Use

How long does an application of Cold-Plus treatment last?

Cold Plus is effective for the “system life”. We mean it when we say it is a one time treatment.

Will use of Cold-Plus have a negative effect on my HVAC warranty?

We make it a completely hassle free experience to you by offering a 14 year warranty on the compressor including parts and labor.

We want to ensure that you have truly enjoy the benefits of using the Cold-Plus treatment.

What is the cost of Cold-Plus installation?

The cost of Cold-Plus varies depending on the application. 

In some cases Cold-Plus is used to save money on energy cost, and sometimes to provide increased comfort. 

In commercial applications we typically look for a ROI of less than one year, plus the added benefit of equipment life extension. 

What are the primary benefits of Cold-Plus?

Cold-Plus offers energy savings in refrigeration and A/C for virtually all types of equipment, and also accomplishes the following:

• Extends equipment life.
• Improves nucleation and removes oil fouling, providing improved efficiency.
• Protects seals and bearings.
• Increases the lubricity of all internal parts.
• Lowers maintenance cost.
• Provides greater sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint.

What makes Cold-Plus treatment different from other products that make similar claims?

All other market place competitors are Stage 1 products that reverse oil fouling in the system in the short term. 

Cold-Plus comprises advanced patent pending formulations which, after the initial introduction takes place, permanently embeds in the pores of the metal and fuses; bonding to the friction-bearing parts of the compressor and inner walls of the thermal transfer tubing carrying the refrigerant and compressor oil.

The fused molecules are now in an inert state in which nothing can chemically react or adhere to the new surface. Oil fouling at this point is no longer possible. As the oil molecules attempt to re-establish their adhesion, they are smoothly channeled back into the system. 

Cold-Plus formulations are the only product line which permanently prevents the re-introduction of oil fouling that impedes HVAC system operation and makes compressors work harder, causing higher kilowatt usage.

The Cold-Plus Stage 2 difference also includes other inert polymers acting as nuclei to enhance pool boiling and thus thermodynamics – both heat and cold transfer.

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