Your first step in every Zero-Energy Building Program

Pay less in energy bills by just eliminating your Oil Fouling Problem

We reduce your air conditioning energy costs by simply removing the negative effects of oil-fouling.

Pay less in energy bills by just eliminating your Oil Fouling Problem

We reduce your air conditioning energy costs by simply removing the negative effects of oil-fouling.

It's getting Hotter

2018 Third hottest year in history

According to NASA scientists, 2018 has been the fourth hottest year in recorded history.  And the third in the last four years.

Conventional HVAC equipment has not been designed to cope with the stress and strain of these climatic conditions. Your Air Conditioners are running harder and longer than ever before. The effects of oil-fouling are being accelerated and amplified as the days are getting hotter and the seasons longer.

Your only options are to keep buying new more expensive equipment or to enhance and adapt your existing equipment to your current conditions. COLD-PLUS makes your systems run shorter and less frequent cooling cycles. The less it runs the more energy you save and the less carbon your organization creates.

Guess what your equipment manufacturers want you to do?

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Who needs Cold-Plus?

Sustainability Managers


Cold-Plus is the first step in every zero-energy building portfolio. Pays for itself in under one-year and then funds all of your other energy saving programs.

Facility Managers


If you manage several building with multiple cooling units, can you really  afford to keep buying new equipment rather than reducing both maintenance and operating costs? 

Financial Officers


With a one year payback, no implementation cost and ROI's in the triple digits, how can you afford not to look into Cold-Plus?

University Administrators


Fiscally responsible higher education administrators that have limited budgets and carbon footprint concerns.

School Boards


High School and Elementary School districts that have older equipment and don't have large energy budgets for high energy costs or new equipment.

Business Owners


Fiscally responsible owners of businesses that care about their employees and energy overhead.

Grow Facility Owners


Margin watching agri-managers responsible for the most cost effective means of operation to reduce COGS.

Hospital Executives


Operating cost conscious hospital administrators that are responsible for patient care, comfort and cost containment.

Property Operators


Real estate management companies that are responsible for large open space areas like shopping malls and recreation facilities.

Grocery Store Chains


Low margin food stores that have refrigerated cabinets and freezers that run 24/7.

Refrigerated Trucking Business Managers


Fuel cost conscious  transporters of cold goods.

Cold Warehouse Distributors


Cold storage food and and drink warehouses that supply other businesses.

NAESCO Members


Those NAESCO member organizations that are  looking for cost effective and promotable energy saving technologies for their customers.

ASHRAE Members


Those ASHRAE members looking for easy to implement solutions to solve energy waste problems using an elegant and proven technology.

Carbon Lowering Municipalities


City Administrators responsible for reducing the cities carbon emissions with cost effective, measurable and marketable programs that lower their carbon-footprint.

Where are you located?

Anywhere over 8 cents/kWh Cold-Plus has a 1 year payback


Give us a call to calculate your ROI and exact pay-back period.

Early Adapters always stand out!


Want something exciting to brag about your organization? 

Reduce your Carbon Foot print


No matter what your fuel source is to generate electricity, you can do your part to solve the problem.

Why Creative Energy Solutions?

50 Fluid OZ Bottle of Cold-Plus

What We Offer

 Today, there are a number of second-generation synthetic refrigeration additives (SRAs) that result in a measurable increase in efficiency (and, as with PROA, a reduction in sound-pressure levels). 

The idea behind them is relatively obvious: Oil fouling of coil walls—that is, the buildup of a film of contaminated oil (which has relatively poor thermal conductivity) on the heat-transfer surfaces of HVACR systems— retards heat transfer and results in a decrease in overall efficiency. 

That film is a result of oil and refrigerant (both miscible and immiscible with oil) mixing under pressure and temperature. In addition to degraded heat transfer, the result is reduced oil viscosity, which reduces lubrication effectiveness. 

If oil fouling is not mitigated, it can continue to accumulate, further reducing system performance. Adding a SRA to refrigerant removes oil film and prevents further fouling, restoring lost efficiency.

Cold-Plus is a one-time nanotechnology particle technology that reduces the devastating effects of oil fouling. The number one cause of AC breakdown according to the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers).

This solution immediately reduces both Peak and Running amp draw from most compressors and continues to increase and maintain the laminar flow of refrigerant for the life of the equipment. 

Once we treat your system:

Your A/C will run less often and quieter

Your A/C compressor will require less recharges of refrigerant to maintain cooling expectations

The life of your compressor will be extended

You will see a 8% to 18% less energy consumption

Your payback period is typically less than 12 running months

IN FACT: We are so confident of our treatment that we offer every customer a 100% energy savings guarantee, and a best in business compressor warranty, inclusive of parts, labor and shipping.


For Residential Use

We have over 14,000 happy residential customers that are currently saving over 15% on their monthly energy bills.

To ensure you are completely satisfied, we offer a 14 year compressor warranty, inclusive of parts, labor and shipping!



For Commercial Use

Our Cold-Plus solution is Lab Tested and Field Approved.

Cold-Plus has been proven by NREL to increase the laminar flow of refrigerant by 14%. This means shorter heat cycles and less of them. 

Cold-Plus has been tested by ETL Laboratories, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and the laboratories at the University of Colorado.

Major A/C equipment manufacturer uses Cold-Plus in its own factory cooling equipment.

IDEAL for all Sustainability Programs and Carbon-footprint conscious corporations.

We are so confident with our treatment that no matter how old your equipment, you will automatically receive up to a 14 year compressor warranty extension with parts and labor.

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